19 april 2013

A chair for every child

Dear friends,

I would like a few minutes of your time to introduce the following educational project in Nicaragua.

Two years ago, I left my safe and comfortable home to go live in Nicaragua for three months. I participated in several educational projects set up by 'La Esperanza Granada', a local NGO that tries to develop an educational system in the rural areas of the city of Granada. It is in those communities that the signs of extreme poverty are the most apparent and access to education not self-evident. La Esperanza builds extra classrooms and sets up different educational projects throughout the year. Education gives these children a chance to break through the vicious circle of poverty.

Before I left, I organized a Spaghetti Fest to raise funds and support the NGO financially. This first edition of the spaghetti fest was a great success! We used the funds to provide the new secondary school in the community of San Ignacio with electricity, school desks and chairs. In february, the school inaugurated its second year as an official school. 'San Ignacio' is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Granada. A secondary school was highly necessary.

At the end of June, I will leave for Nicaragua again. This time not just as a regular volunteer, but as a co-worker at the NGO's main office. I will stay for a longer period of time and work hard to offer an added value to these projects in which I have been believing with heart and soul from the very beginning. On May, 5th I am organizing a second edition of the Spaghetti Fest to raise money for Nicaragua. You are all very welcome to come enjour our delicious spaghetti.

With this call for support, I had actually a unique project in mind. The school community of Granada has a continuous shortage of about 3400 school desks. Kids arrive early at school to make sure they have a seat and don't have to sit on the floor the entire day. To support this project and buy extra desks, I am looking for generous sponsors. A school desk costs about €25. A small contribution to help solve a serious problem. Every single donation, however small it may be, is very welcome on the Nicaragua Account: BE44 0839 1333 6845 BIC GKCCBEBB. Please mention 'school desk Granada + your name'.

In 2011 we saved up €3000. Let's hope we can do even better this year! I would like to express my gratitude once more to those people who supported us last time.

I hope to see you all at the Spaghetti Fest for a delicious meal!

An-Katrien Verhoeven